Hi. I'm Michael Sols.

Also called "Solsy" or "Hey". I produce spiced copywriting that echoes in the mind. Make your brand worth listening to through content you love to read: one that's educational, emotional and entertaining. That's what I provide.

Rolled with Bidroom, Avis, Titans24, Visa Inc., Hewlett-Packard Enterprises, and other ambitious brands.

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I'm human — just like you, I hope. I've worked as a copywriter for over 6 years from the natural beauty that is Poland. My creative itch and a fascination with ads and American pop-culture got me here.

Expressing complex ideas is fun to me. As eating hot-dog and speeding (on a bicycle) is. As you see, I have wacky humor, but I'm a nice guy. I'm also the best prepared mountaineer you'll ever meet.

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Provide memorable brand content

Knowing what people want opens minds. I use +50 communication techniques to make them say "yes" to your brand. Tested well in 6 industries.

See your shares, likes, and responses rise

You need conversions, and I write to convert under best practices from Moz, CXL Institute, and Ahrefs. Your KPIs matter to me.

Make your busy leads pay attention

Your clients are self-centered, but we will get through. My style follows proven 'SNAP selling' system focused on relevance, priority, value, and simplicity.

I believe great content shows a deeper interest in the world that your audience sees. I'd be happy to help you foster richer connections with people that bring more business.

Interested? Email michael @ michaelsols.co about your project to learn what we can achieve.📩