Hi. I'm Michael Sols.

Also called "Solsy" or "Hey". I write develop convincing copy for readers counted in tens of thousands. Catch more leads with content you love to read: one that's educational, emotional and entertaining. That's what I provide.

⚡ Worked with 26 Marketing departments and 14 Executives across the U.S., Germany, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. Client work published in Forbes, WIRED UK, Vanity Fair, and The Sun. Reached Google's top 3 results.

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I'm human — just like you, I hope. I've worked as a copywriter for over 6 years from the natural beauty that is Poland. My creative itch and a fascination with ads and American pop-culture got me here.

Expressing complex ideas is fun to me. As eating hot-dog and speeding (on a bicycle) is. As you see, I have wacky humor, but I'm a nice guy. I'm also the best prepared mountaineer you'll ever meet.

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Provide memorable brand content

Knowing what people want opens minds. I use +50 communication techniques to make them say "yes" to your brand. Tested well in 6 industries.

See your shares, likes, and responses rise

You need conversions, and I write to convert under best practices from Moz, CXL Institute, and Ahrefs. Your KPIs matter to me.

Make your busy leads pay attention

Your clients are self-centered, but we will get through. My style follows proven 'SNAP selling' system focused on relevance, priority, value, and simplicity.

I believe great content shows a deeper interest in the world that your audience sees. I'd be happy to help you foster richer connections with people that bring more business.