Your audience wants empathy. Give them that, and you'll be appreciated, listened to, and followed. I might help.


I bring people together like a good dinner host does. Some rush in to the table as they hear of the menu. The busy ones are lured in by the aroma. Those who don't show up face regret hearing how amazing it was from their friends. Why do you read about dining now? It's something that connects us, and my job is to find such connections between a brand and its audience.

What I really do

For the past 6 years, I have provided copywriting for businesses that know language empowers efficient sales, valuable relations, and customer behavior. With my clients, we craft relatable ideas for people to form a purchasing preference for the brands I work with.

I write, I strategize, and I coach. Most popular services of mine include creating: namings, slogans, web and email copywriting, blogging, press release writing, and ghostwriting  for Executives.

My chops

  •  Copywriting (articles, blog posts, social content, pitch decks, investor communications, email content, marketing collateral, advertorials, digital advertising copy, scripts, speechwriting, website copy, Polish-English translation)
  • Editing (proofreading, fact-checking, and quality control)
  • Communication strategy (USP, brand values, customer profiles, pains & gains)
  • Pitching (networking strategy, pitch review)
  • Public Relations (creative direction, press release writing, strategy)

Industry experience

Travel / Tourism /  HoReCa / e-commerce / NGO / Information tech / Construction /  Cybersecurity / Agency / Public Relations / News media

My advantage

  • MA in Journalism and Social Communications  (US English)
  • I sharpened my creative skills as a trainee of 4 reputable agencies in advertising, e-commerce development, public relations, and digital marketing
  • My writing follows effective principles of behavioral psychology (Cialdini, Tajfel, Skinner)
  • I study industry-standards on conversion optimization with 6 newsletters keeping me awake
  • I worked in-house on international marketing projects that reached America, Europe, and the Middle-East

My background

I was raised in a highland town in south-western Poland where my love for the outdoors grew as I biked around a 20.6 kmΒ² lake just minutes from my home. 

At 6, a clunky cardboard left by my brother fell on my head from a top wardrobe shelf. Inside was a stack cassette tapes from American metal bands. That got me sucked into western pop-culture for good. At 18, I even lived two months in the desert hills of Running Springs, California before my road trip across 11 states.

I've seen places: United States, Norway, France, Malta, Netherlands, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Germany, and United Kingdom are some. Puzzling differences in thinking from land to land led me to study sociology, psychology, and applied linguistics. Soon, I earned my MA in Journalism and Social Communication to enter a PR agency after a stressful stint as a radio reporter.

What I like

Desert rock, but then dark ambient beats/ Ramen / Hiking / The agency world / Dystopian sci-fi / Japanese tea / Comedy