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For the construction industry, product reliability makes or breaks a business. Architectural projects billed in millions of dollars must stand decades regardless of the regional weather. Selena understands the liability well.

Businesses in almost 100 countries construct with Selena’s chemicals because they make buildings withstand the test of time. Being safe, ecological, and efficient, they are a reliable choice of construction professionals who can work with confidence. I developed 3 slogans for Selena’s global communication from this perspective.

Powered by people / Move ahead

Both express the advantage that clients gain with Selena’s products in their daily work.

Better building

This one highlights Selena as a reliable supplier of products that answer the constant strive of the construction industry to cut material costs, accelerate works, and increase architectural durability. I also think that “better” is cool.



Global manufacturer and distributor of construction chemicals


Creating a new corporate slogan that embodies Selena’s mission


International, from 8 countries: B2B (constructors, distributors, investors) and internal (Selena employees)


Slogan, corporate video translation


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