A rapid team of 10 from Wroclaw makes headlines with their no-brainer cybersecurity platform for websites and data. Why?

Compared to giants such as IBM or Amazon, they offer a ready-to-go security vault that now shields over 70 companies from an average of 60,000 cyber attacks monthly. Upload and forget – a cyber blocks criminals from snatching your files all day and night.

To sell such a service is like running a desert marathon. Most businesses won’t invest in digital security until after their accounts are drained by a breach. I teamed-up with CEO Mateusz Romanów to educate decision makers that hacking doesn’t just strike corporations but anyone with rich customer data — even a boutique e-store or a spa clinic.



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“The threat of a cyber crime virus affecting your business depends on the volume of data you keep, but it’s there. In a 2019 global survey from the Ponemon Institute, 66% percent out of 2,391 IT professionals of small and medium enterprises revealed hackers attacked their company throughout the year. Is there a real risk of a cyber attack on your business? Yes, if we look at the recent security breaches.”

Stay safe from coronavirus and cyber attacks alike
Opinion piece for CEO Mateusz Romanów