[Poll] Let’s crush the top content marketing problems you face

Are you still wrestling with content production because there’s rarely any practical advice out there? Vote on the top problem you face, and I’ll write an actionable, step-by-step explanation.


Speak up if you’ve ever googled content marketing questions

When I’m done with Client content that explains how the world spins, I feel obliged to help my fellow Marketers in their daily work. I keep on hearing the same old bone cracks when we talk about content stuff.

  • Client’s don’t like what they get, but they don’t know what they want
  • Revisions for just a few pages drag for weeks
  • Terminology wars keep departments clashing

With all the marketing resources we could read until our last breath, you and I probably still face the simplest marketing problems.

The content marketing boom flooded the web with pretentious advice  with no real “how-to”, and that’s why we get stuck in our work.

That’s why I decided to ask my 1,34 million followers to vote on content production issues that I could break down into how-to guides.

It happens that I have the “teacher gene”, where I’d rather help people understand an issue than to pretend I know about it just to get credit.

Vote if you need field-tested advice and not sham

Since you here — which shows you care enough — you are welcome to cast your vote.

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What happens next

Consider this as a letter to the Prime Minister’s office. By that I mean — your answer will help me prepare more relevant content that answers your pressing questions.

  1. This poll will remain open
  2. I’ll validate the answers with top marketers I know
  3. A new guide will shine light on your marketing work

Remember you can DM me with unlisted ideas, if you’re a chatty fellow like me ✌️

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